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Rec.Sport.Pro-Wrestling Newsgroup(RSPW) - Dicussion about Pro-Wrestlers

Alt.Binaries.Pro-Wrestling Newsgroup - Pics, sounds & movies of wrestling

Pro-Wrestling Torch - Online Version of the newsletter

Wrestling Observer - From Dave Meltzer

1 Wrestling - Great info, too many ads


RSPW FAQ - The most valuable wrestling document anywhere

The Pro-Wrestler Archive - Hasn't been updated in 3years, but still good.

Deceased Pro Wrestlers - They're all here

The Canadian Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame - from SLAM wrestling, lots

The Great Hisa's Puroresu Dojo - Awesome info, title histories, alot on Japanese Wrestling

Multimedia Sites

Chair Shots - Wrestling Radio program

Live Audio Wrestling - Great program

Other Stuff

Professional Wrestling Online Museum

International Wrestling Institute & Museum

High Spots - Merchandise

Wrestling Supercards & Tournaments

Into the Turnbuckle - Lots of info, nice

Mad Phat Wrestling - Great, humourous articles and unique picture galleries

1 Wrestling Legends - For some great info on the old timers, interviews, etc.

Slam Wrestling - Canadian site, interviews plus more.

The Unofficial Tom Zenk Page - Awesome for any Z-Man fan