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1997 - 2003

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I started following pro-wrestling when I was 17. I watched casually when I was a kid, but I really became a fan right around the summer of 1990. From that point I began to gather information I found on things I found interesting in the wrestling world, mainly various identities a wrestler would use in his/her career, and the various blood relations in wrestling.

I first started writing out my lists by hand, and every couple months would update it as needed, rewriting the entire list out again in alphabetical order. You can see how this would be very time consuming, and would give me a cramped hand, then I came upon the world of computers and the internet.

Lynch's Moonsault Fever first appeared in September of 1997, hosted by Geocities. It was my first time putting a page up on the internet, it was quite a learning experience.

When I look at how my page was then as compared to now, I see how much growing I've done design wise; today it's much nicer to look at and easier to navigate. I have saved older versions of my site, it's quite a shock to see how far it's come along.

I got 15,000 hits my first year, and it sure generated alot of e-mail for me! One of the parts on my webpage back then was "Scantily Clad", featuring the women of wrestling in various states of undress, not nude though. One day in December 1998 I went to look at my webpage and it was gone! I had an e-mail saying that it was deleted due to pornography. Porn!? I guess everyone has their own definition of pornography, I didn't consider Sable scantily clad laying by the beach as porn. It was back to rebuilding my page, mostly from scratch as I hadn't saved alot of the material.

It turned out to be a blessing, because I was prompted to revamp the look of the site since I had to build it from scratch. I partly copied the look from the old Micasa site on Wrestlemaniacs, and adapted it to my needs. I found a good server, Webjump (25 MB's) and up it went. It eventually discontinued service.

I had moved my pages to NBCi, unlimited space, reasonably fast and free, nice combo. It eventually discontinued service. In March 2002 I launched Moonsault Fever, now on Tripod, hopefully they'll stay in business.

I update and revamp sections when needed, and I always hope to keep improving and making this site better for those who seek the kind of info contained here.



Here's how the page looked Oct 2000 - March 2002

Here's how the page looked Dec 1998 - Oct 2000

Here's how the page looked Sept 1997 - Dec 1998