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Samoan Family Tree
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1997 - 2003


Lou Albano -----Lou Duva (Boxer, at Wrestlemania)
Mike Awesome -----Horace Hogan
Bradshaw -----Barry Whindham, Kendall Windham
Gino Brito ----- Dino Bravo
Lord Jonathan Boyd -----Norman Frederick Charles III
Bunkouse Buck -----Tenneessee Lee, Ron Fuller
Bunkhouse Buck -----Tony Golden
Butch; the Bushwhackers -----Luke; the Bushwhackers
El Dandy ----- Dr. Wagner Jr., Silver King I
Brian Jewel ----Ernie Todd
Jerry Lawler ----- The Honkey Tonk Man
Jerry Lawler ----- Carl Fergie
Ricky Morton ----- Todd Morton
Vance Nevavda ----- Mike Myers
Genette Rheault,
Babyface Mike
-----Mr. Cool
Paul Roma ----- Alex Roma
Sabu ----- Ed George
Davey Boy Smith ----- The Dynamite Kid
Taz ----- Chris Chetti

Other Relations
Eddie Auger uncle to Johnny Rougeau
Sam Bass uncle to Big A
Blackjack Lanza uncle to Bradshaw
Jack Britton uncle to Dino Bravo
Bunkhouse Buck uncle to Eddie Golden
Buddy Fuller uncle to Bunkhouse Buck
Billy Golden uncle to Tennessee Lee, Ron Fuller
Ted, Vic Christy uncles to Bobby, Jerry Colt
El Espectro uncle to Antonio Pena
"Bulldog" Bob Brown uncle to Kerry Brown
Robert Gibson uncle to Jason Gibson
The Great Kilroy uncle to Flash Monroe
Hulk Hogan uncle to Horace Hogan
Kenny Jay uncle to J.B. Trask
Jim Kettner uncle to Jeff Peterson
Rey Misterio uncle to Rey Misterio Jr.
The Mousorri Mauler uncle to Nick Patrick
Dick Murdoch uncle to Frank Murdoch
Ernest Rheault uncle to Mr. Cool
The Sheik uncle to Sabu
Frank Tunney uncle to Jack Tunney
Luna Vachone neice to Mad Dog and Vivian Vachone
Dr. Wagner Sr. uncle to El Dandy
Arn Anderson related to Gene Anderson through marriage
Arn Anderson son in law to Ole Anderson
Matt Bourne brother in law to Buddy Rose
Bobby Eaton brother in law to Jamie Dundee
Mike Rotundo brother in law to Barry and Kendall Windham
Mike Rotundo son in law to Blackjack Mulligan
Johhny Kace son in law to Jim McMillan
Larry Zbyszko brother in law to Greg Gagne
Dusty Rhodes, Typhoon,
Jerry Saggs
are all brothers in law
Bobby Eaton son in law to Bill Dundee
Rocky Johnson son in law to Peter Maivia
Larry Zbyszko son in law to Vern Gagne
Ronnie Garvin step father to Jimmy Garvin
Maxx Payne uncle or cousin of Scott Peterson
Rick Martel godfather of Kevin Martel
The French Mad Dog is the second cousin of Chi-Chi Cruz