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1997 - 2003


Andre the Giant (London 1969)

Andre the Giant (Early1970's)

Roddy Piper (Mid 1970's)

Booker T as G.I.Bro (Texas early 1990's)

Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake as Hulk and Ed Boulder (Memphis 1979)

Bryan Clark as the Night Stalker

Kevin Sullivan, Jimmy Hart and Wayne Ferris (Honkey Tonk Man) (Memphis early 1980's)

Ric Flair (1973)

The Headhunters with Victor Quinones (1992)

Hulk Hogan with IWGP Title

Nailz as Kevin Kelly (Early 1980's)

The Bushwackers as The Kiwi's (New Zealand 1975)

Larry Zbyszko (1960's)

Jerry Lawler (Mid 1970's)

The Undertaker as The Punisher (WCCW 1989)

Randy Savage (ICW 1976)

Roddy Piper (18 years old)