Tapes Details- TV Specials

ESPN - Outside the Lines

VQ-G 1999 :46 A look at the wold of pro-wrestling and it's effects on the population. Lots of interviews.

True Hollywood Story - Hulk Hogan

VQ-EX 1999 :46 A look at the life of Hulk, very extensive. Starts in his early days right until now, lots of interviews with people in the biz.

A&E Biography - Steve Austin

VQ-EX 11/1999 :46 Extensive coverage of his life.

A&E Biography - Mick Foley

VQ-EX 11/1999 :46 Extensive coverage of his life.

A&E Biography - Owen Hart

VQ-EX 11/1999 :46 Extensive coverage of his life. Includes alot of info about the circumstances surrounding his death and the repurcusions.

The Comedy Channel - Wrestling With The Past

VQ-EX 5/1999 :46 From the Comedy Channel, a look at wrestling past, with a comedic point of view. Includes various interview with Mad Dog & Butcher Vachone, The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) and other mat legends.

A&E Biography - Andre the Giant

VQ-EX 1/1999 :46 From A&E, probably the best program you will ever see on Andre the Giant. Talks about his upbringing, along with many photos of a young Andre, and his life in pro-wrestling. Includes interviews with his brother, Tim White, Frenchy Bernard and a whole lot more.

Jesse Ventura Inaugaration

VQ-EX 1/4/1999 2:00 His inaugaration as govenor of Minnesota. Taken from a local station and includes numerous segments on his carrer in politics and wrestling, and his upbringing. Alot of political discussion on what his term will be like, interviews with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse, his family and more

A&E Biography - Jesse Ventura

VQ-EX 12/1998 :46 From A&E, covers all there is to know about Jesse, from birth to his recent election as govenor of Minnesota. Includes interviews with his wife, son Gene Orklerlund, friends and wrestling promotors. Excellent coverage of his time as a Navy Seal.

Hitman Hart - Wrestling With Shadows

VQ-MR 11/1998 1:35 This is THE documentry about the infamous double-cross. Has interviews with most of his siblings and lots of back-stage photage of wrestlers being themselves. Highlights include Stu Hart stretching some guys in the dungeon and Bret's wife giving hell to HHH with Animal standing nearby.


VQ-VG 11/1998 2:00 Exposed - Professional Wrestlings Greatest Secrets (NBC) - The NBC special that exposes the secrets of pro-wrestling, how a match is performed, how the moves are done, who decides who wins, the role of the ref, juicing and more, very honest The Secret World of Professional Wrestling (The Learning Channel) - The Learning Channel special that looks at the business side of wrestling, is very respectful to wrestling. Has tons of interviews and excellent coverage of indies in both the US and Mexico, great show

Jesse Ventura Govenor Debate, Election & Interviews

VQ-EX 10 & 11/1998 2:00 - Jesse's debate with two other candidates in the race for govenor of Minnesota. Takes question from the audience as well as a panel, gets pretty heated sometimes - various clips from election night, various speeches and analysis, including interviews with politicians talking about Jesse, Jesse's son and wife, and his acceptance speech - appreance on "The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder" - News peice on upcoming book deal

A&E - The Unreal Story of Professional Wrestling

VQ-EX 1998 1:30 - special by A&E, covers pro-wrestling from the 1800's to today, includes interviews with Ric Flair, Leon White (Vader), Robert Remus (Sgt. Slaughter), Killer Kowalski, Gene Kiniski, Lou Thesz, Brian Hilderbrand (Mark Curtis), Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Lawler + more