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Abdullah The Butcher Shoot #2

VQ-VG 1998 4:00 Shoot conducted in Abby's hotel room by RF Video, interwoven with matches; vs. Giant Baba Abby & The Shiek vs. Terry & Dory Funk Jr. vs. Sabu Abby & ? vs. Mr. Pogo & ? vs. Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Brusier Brody vs. some masked guy vs. Jerry Lawler & Abudah Singh vs. Dusty Rhodes vs. The Shiek vs. Carlos Colon


VQ-EX 1998/1999 2:00 Most of these are shoot, some have a little work Tape 1
Ken Shamrock (9/1998) Bret Hart (12/1998) Owen Hart (12/1998) Test (1/14/1999) Edge (1/19/1999) Tape 2 Sable (1/7/1999) Mick Foley (2/1/1999) Sable, Deb McMichael & Chyna (2/8/1999) - more to come

Off the Record

VQ-G/EX 1997/1998/1999 Tape 1 - 1:47
Carl Demarco Sunny Bret Hart Jim Neidhart, Davey Boy Smith & The Honkey Tonk Man Bret Hart Tape 2 - 1:53 Vince McMahon (2 episodes) Bret Hart & Waldo Von Erich Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Chyna & Dok Hendrix Eric Bischoff Tape 3 - 1:55 Bushwhacker Luke Steve Austin Carl Demarco, Owen Hart, Tiger Ali Singh, Val Venis, Edge & The Undertaker Glen Kulka & Jason Sensation Sable & Carl Demarco Tape 4 - 1:55 Val Venis Mick Foley (2/8/1999) The Rock (2/8/1999) Goldberg (2/19/1999) Chris Jericho (3/1999) Tape 5 - 1:55 Edge (3/1999) Val Venis (3/1999) Vince McMahon (7/27/1999) Vince & Linda McMahon (7/28/1999) Shane & Stephanie McMahon (8/3/1999) Tape 6 - 0:23 Lance Storm (9/28/1999) Don Callis (10/2/1999) Scott D'Amore (10/3/1999) Mick Foley (11/30/1999)

Vance Nevada & Steve Stryker on "This Is Sports"

VQ-EX 1/19/1999 :25 - Shoot interviews with NWA Wrestlers Vance Nevada & Steve Stryker. They talk about working the indie circuit, the pay, traveling, agents, and many other things not usually heard on tv about wrestling

Bret Hart on "Jane Hautin Live"

VQ-EX 12/1998 :35 - Interview show, The subject is "Do Wrestlers make good role models?", where he talks about the documentry "Wrestling with Shadows", about his cuurent situation in WCW and takes questions from callers

Jesse Ventura Govenor Debate, Election & Interviews

VQ-EX 10 & 11/1998 2:00 - Jesse's debate with two other candidates in the race for govenor of Minnesota. Takes question from the audience as well as a panel, gets pretty heated sometimes - various clips from election night, various speeches and analysis, including interviews with politicians talking about Jesse, Jesse's son and wife, and his acceptance speech - appreance on "The Late Late Show with Tom Schnyder" - News peice on upcoming book deal

Insider Files #3

VQ-VG Various 3:30 - Hulk Hogan on Japanese tv with Jimmy Hart, Hawk & Brutus Beefcake Sting & Lex Luger vs. The Steiners (from Superbrawl I) WCW - Special look at the Midnight Rockers AWA Lex Luger vs. Bruiser Brody (Brody quits co-operating/shoot) Florida - Controversial Gangsta's interview SMW Owen Hart vs. The Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) Japan Shane Douglas vs. 2 Cold Scorpio (for the NWA title) ECW Austin Idol vs. Jerry Lawler Mid-South - AAA clips AAA - Jim Cornette gets caked SMW - Thrillseekers (Chris Jericho & Lance Storm) attacked in parking lot SMW - Thrillseekers interview SMW Thrillseekers vs. The Heavely Bodies (Tom Prichard & Jim Del Ray) SMW - Mick Foley/Dude Love, roof jumping, scenes not seen on tv! Eddy Guerrero & Love Machine (Art Barr) vs. ??? AAA - Art Barrs' last interview (shoot) Gorilla Monsoon vs. Muhammed Ali WWF - Fake Press Conference with Chris Candido, Kevin Lawler, Tom Prichard Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels (ladder match) WWF - Jesse James singing a Stone Temple Pilots song in an empty Mid-South Colosseum before a SMW show, Tom Prichard on drums - clips of Sabu Japan Sabu vs. The Tasmaniac (1993) ECW - Brian Pillman crazy ECW interview (attacks fan with a fork, threatens to pee in the ring!) ECW - clips of Eddie Gilbert (he hits Lawler with a van) USWA Shoot interviews Jim Cornette - at a meeting discussing SMW angles The Gangsta's - before a SMW show Jim Cornette - at a picnic with other wrestlers including Al Snow, Jim Del Ray, D-Low Brown, Bill Apter!