Match List - Mixed


Mixed Bag #19

VQ-VG 4/2000 - 8/2000 2:00 Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch vs. The Artists & Paisley The Hardy Boyz vs. Too Cool The Kat & Jacquiline vs. Terri & Ivory Essa Rios w/Lita vs. Eddy Guerrero & Chyna Shane McMahon vs. The Rock (HW title match) Elizabeth vs. Daphnie (Madusa & Mona run-in) Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch vs. Crowbar & Daphnie - The Rock can't get his shirt off - Edge, Christian & Kurt Angle "posing" - Edge & Christian harras Joe C. Kurt Angle vs. Eddy Guerrero - Ric Flair gets his head shaved Kurt Angle vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley Jerry Lawler w/The Kat vs. Dean Malenko w/Terri (off with the top match) - Edge & Christian wants thier own locker room Jim Duggan vs. Goldberg Chris Benoit vs. Eddy Guerrero w/Chyna - Mick Foley "gets" The Rock - Booker T thanks fans after winning title - big Kidman bump Booker T vs. Mike Awesome - Trish Stratus puts Lita through a table Mike Awesome vs. Lance Storm (Storm wins US title) Lita vs. Trish Stratus (strap match) Ms. Hancock vs. Major Gunns (hardcore match) Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz Booker T vs. Lance Storm

Mixed Bag #18

VQ-VG 1/2000 - 4/2000 2:00 - Leia Meow on tampoline - Mankind propositioning Tori Mankind vs. HHH (end of match) - Jimmy Snuka leaps on Jeff Jarrett - Madusa in blue wig - Terri looking in mirror Hardy Boyz vs. New Age Outlaws (Terri goes through table) - Al Snow & Steve Blackman "Head Cheese" Vampiro vs. Kidman w/Torrie The Kat vs. Hervena (snowbunny match) - Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Eddy Gueerero & Dean Malenko make WWF debut - The Radicalz turn on Mick Foley - Cactus Jack & HHH talking (great heat) Cactus Jack, The Rock, Rikishi & Too Cool vs. HHH, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn & X-Pac The Rock vs. Chris Benoit Morman Smiley & Lane vs. 3 Count (Miss Hancock dances on table) Kurt Angle vs. Tazz vs. Chris Jericho (European title) Dean Malenko w/Eddy Guerrero vs. Essa Rios w/Lita (Lita takes stiff power bomb) Eddy Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho (European title) Billy Kidman vs. Hulk Hogan Chris Jericho vs. HHH (Jericho wins title) Eddy Guerrero & Essa Rios w/Lita & Chyna vs. Hardy Boyz HHH & Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho & The Rock

Mixed Bag #17

VQ-VG 9/1999 - 1/2000 2:00 Chris Benoit vs. Dean Malenko - funny Rock & Mankind interview Big Bossman vs. Hardcore Holly (hardcore match, ice pitcher) Ivory vs. Mae Young & The Fabulous Moolah (evening match) - Debra & Miss Kitty catfight Dean Malenko vs. Rey Misterio Jr. Psicosis vs. Kidman (hair vs. mask) Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz - Terri comes out of top Mae Young & The Fabulous Moolah vs. Miss Kitty & Ivory - The Rock & Mankind jawjacking - Mankind gives The Rock his book - Chris Jericho challenges Chyna Madusa vs. Meng - Larry Hennig appears on Nitro Madusa vs. Chris Benoit - Mankind gives Al Snow "Head" Kimberly vs. Asya (Torrie ref, catfight) Jushin Liger vs. Juventud Guerrera - The Revolution selling to Jim Duggans foam 2X4 Sting vs. Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Jarrett - Gene Okerlund mixing it with ladies - Chris Benoit jumps off top of cage - cage breaks from Jeff Jarrett's impact Mona vs. Madusa - Roddy Piper pats down Creative Control The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian (cage match) - Barbara Bush abd Terri strip down Edge & Matt Hardy vs. Christian & Jeff Hardy - Miss Kitty's rear Jeff Hardy vs. X-Pac - WWF's 1999 catfights hightlight package - Scott Steiners retirement speech - Terri comes out with the Hardy Boyz

Mixed Bag #16

VQ-VG 6-9/1999 2:00 Al Snow vs. Droz (hardcore title match) - Supersoaker commercial with Too Much & PMS - Big Show chockslams Undertaker through mat - Steve Austin at Titan Towers, fist day as CEO Part I Debra vs. Ivory (Ivory wins WWF Womens Title) Jeff Jarrett vs. Ken Shamrock (straightjacket match) - Steve Austin at Titan Towers, fist day as CEO Part II Konnan & Rey Misterio Jr. vs. DDP, Kanyon & Bam Bam Bigelow - X-Pac runs in on Billy Gunn vs. Bradshaw - Ivory beats on fan (Malai Hosaka) The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin (Austin wins title) The Hardy Boyz vs. The Acolytes (Hardys win tag title) Al Snow vs. D-Low Brown (Hardcore title match) - obvious blading by Big Show - Bret Harts "Owen Speech" - Eddy Guerrero makes Luchadores unmask (funny) - Tori vignette Al Snow vs. Droz (hardcore evening gown match) Test vs. Mean Street Posse (Shane elbows Stephanie) - Kidman flubs the shooting star press - Jeff Jarrett attacks Ben Stiller - Rick Steiner vs. Chase Tatum (stiff, no sell) Edge vs. Gangrel (blood bath match) D-Low Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett (D-Low wins IC title) Eddy Guerrero vs. El Vampiro - Hardcore Holly & Crash Holly calling spots ontop of truck - GTV "and they call you the Big Show?"

Mixed Bag #15

VQ-VG 3-6/1999 2:00 Hollywood Hogan & Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg & Ric Flair - Austin gives the Corporation a beer bath - Debra getting dressed - The Blue Meanie tries to spank Ryan Shamrock Sable vs. Ivory (Tori run-in, blown spots) La Parka, Super Calo, Damien & Lizmark Jr. vs. Psycosis, El Dandy, Silver King & La Cucharacha El Vampiro vs. Juventud Guerrera (stiff) Ric Flair vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - Ivory tears off Terri Runnels' shirt - Steve Williams runs-in on Bob Holly & Al Snow - Nicole Bass slams Ivory, Tori & Jackie - Debra teases showing her puppies Brood vs. The Acolytes Rey Misterio Jr. & Juventud Guerrera vs. Blitzkrieg & Psychosis Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco vs. Pete Gas & Rodney Shane McMahon vs. Vince McMahon Debra vs. Nicole Bass (evening gown match, JJ and Val Venis run-in) - Gorgeous George almost falls out of her top Debra vs. Sable (evening gown match) Cactus Jack vs. Visera & Mideon (hardcore match) Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco vs. Pete Gas & Rodney - Tori goes after PMS The Hardy Boyz & Michael Hayes vs. The Brood David Flair vs. El Dandy (Flair sucks) - Nash dumps manure on Randy Savage, Madusa, Gorgeous George & Ms. Madness - Steve Austin new CEO Acolytes vs. The Brood (blown spots, stiff) - Test asks out Stephanie McMahon - Debra & Nicole Bass bikini contest

Mixed Bag #14

VQ-VG 1-3/1999 2:00 - great WWF promo Juventud Guerrera vs. Psicosis - Deborah stripping Gangrel & Edge vs. Jesse James & Al Snow - Chyna turns against HHH - Mankind "rents" Max Mini (he's unmasked) - Deb looking great in an interview - Mankind gives Deb a sweater - Promo with PMS & Deborah Acolytes vs. Jesse James & Al Snow Al Snow vs. Himself (Bob Holly run-in) - Deborah & Ivory go at it - Sable interview (turns hell, with Tori run-in) Mankind vs. The Rock (ladder match, Rock wins title) - JR bitches out Bart Gunn - Deb looking good - Deb gets stripped Ivory vs. Deborah (PMS run-in) D-Low Brown vs. Owen Hart (street fight) - JR bags Michael Cole - Chyna confronts HHH, Kane shoots fire in her eyes Jesse James vs. Val Venis (JJ wins IC title) - Sable & Jerry Lawler at the Playboy mansion - Tori confronts Sable Billy Gunn vs. Hardcore Holly (Gunn wins Hardcore title) Rick Steiner vs. Chris Adams (stiff match) Kidman vs. Rey Misterio Jr. (Rey wins CW title)

Mixed Bag #13

VQ-VG 12/1998 - 1/1999 2:00 - DX comes out as "The Corporation" - Deborah McMichael strips on RAW Kidman vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - S&M with Mark Henry & PMS, Parts I-V Mankind vs. Shane McMahon - Freddie Blassie as Santa Jesse James vs. Big Bossman (Hardcore title) - Vince Training Part I - Chyna confronts PMS Mankind vs. Jesse James (Hardcore title) Ric Flair vs. Eric Bischoff - Terri Runnels "loses" her baby (nice ass shot) Al Snow vs. Jesse James (Hardcore title) Mankind vs. The Rock (Mankind wins title) Juventud Guerrera & Psycosis vs. Rey Misterio Jr. & Kidman Hulk Hogan vcs. Kevin Nash (Hogan wins title) - Deborah McMichael strips on HEAT/confronts Chyna - PMS with D-Low Brown, Chyna & Sammy come out, Jackie falls out of her top - Vince training Part II Jesse James vs. Gangrel (Hardcore title) - Vince training Part III Mankind vs. Big Bossman (Hardcore rules, end is clipped)

Mixed Bag #12

VQ-VG 10-12/1998 1:30 some audio problems near end of tape X-Pac vs. D-Lo Brown (euro title match) The Headbangers vs. Insane Clown Posse (squash) - Sable's entrance - Owen Hart apologizes for hurting Dan Severn Val Venis w/Terri Runnels vs. Gangrel The Rock vs. The Undertaker - Vince McMahon in the hospital, visited by Mankind and Steve Austin Kidman vs. Psychosis - Judy Bagwell gives Marc hell - Reid Fliehr takes down Eric Jerk-off - Flair comes to ring with family - clips of Terri Runnels (return of Goldust) - The Warrior getting booed - Steve Austin goes "deer hunting" - The Godfather confronts Tiger Ali Singh - Austin makes Vince squeal like a pig - clips of Terri Runnels - BANG 3:16 Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock - clip of Deborah McMichaels - Terri comes out as Marlena - Sable working out - clip of Deborah McMichaels Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - Terri Runnels & Jaquelien attack Mark Mero & Goldust

Mixed Bag #11

VQ-VG 9/1998 2:30 - clips from "Hell in the Cell", Undertaker vs. Mankind Mankind vs. The Undertaker Mankind vs. Kane (Hell in the Cell match) - Summerslam "Highway to Hell" video X-Pac vs. Gangrel Bradshaw vs. Bart Gunn (Brawl For All final) Dean Malenko vs. Kaz Hayashi - McMahon calls the Undertaker and Kane pussies - Tiger Ali Singh, Babu, a girl and some sardines - Al Snow interview with Jim Ross The Oddities vs. DOA (tope rope breaks, ICP attacked) - HHH gets flashed by lady in the crowd Mankind vs. The Undertaker Gangrel vs. Edge - clip of tux match, Sable vs. Luna - Chyna powerslamed by Mark Henry Sable vs, Jackie (THE evening gown match) Kidman vs. Juventud Guerrera (CW title change) - Bishoff taken down by Reid Fliehr, the Horsemen re-unite Sable vs. Jackie (for the Womens title) - Billy Gunn gets stiffed by the Undertaker, ouch Al Snow vs. Sgt.Slaughter (Boot Camp match) - Mankind interview (funny) Raven & Kanyon vs. Villano IV & V (IV hurts neck, Raven kayfabe) Kidman vs. Disco Inferno - Ric Flair confronts Eric Jerk-off - Kanes fire doesn't work, opps - Steve Austin drives a zambonie into the ring, attacks Vince - Vince gives finger to Undie & Kane, they attack The Rock & Mankind & Ken Shamrock vs. The Undertaker & Kane

Mixed Bag #10

VQ-VG 8/1998 2:40 Steve Williams vs. Bart Gunn (Brawl For All) - Sable preview HHH vs. X-Pac vs. Rocky Maivia - bikini contest winner (Sable & Jackie) Dallas Page & Karl Malone vs. Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman - Marcus Bagwell shows his scar The Godfather w/his ho's vs. Scorpio (Brawl For All) - Hawk apologizes for being drunk HHH vs. X-Pac - Mrs. Yamaguchi in the shower with Val Venis - Tiger Ali Singh and the fat woman - Hogan scraps with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" - Jay Leno training with Kidman, Erik Watts & Kanyon - Bret Hart looking for Sting (funny) Eddy Guerrero vs. Juventud Guerrera Chris Jericho vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - Marcus Bagwell doing his Rick Steiner impression - Bischoff gets nailed with beer, attacked by DDP, NWO Nightcap - Leno dissing Hogan on "The Tonight Show" Darren Drozdov vs. Savio Vega (Brawl For All) - The DX split (hee hee) - Val Venis with John Bobbitt & Mrs. Yamaguchi Bradshaw vs. Marc Mero (Brawl For All) - clip of Jay Leno & DDP vs. Hogan & Bischoff Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Psychosis vs. Lizmark Kidman vs. Juventud Guerrera The Godfather vs. Bart Gunn (Brawl For All) Gangrel vs. Brian Christopher - Sable stretching Bradshaw vs. Darren Drozdov (Brawl for All) - Mrs. Yamaguchi slaps Val Venis Dan Severn vs. Ken Shamrock

Mixed Bag #9

VQ-VG 7/1998 2:00 - DX imitation of The Nation - Chris Jericho interview Chris Jericho vs. The Ultimo Dragon - Marc Bagwell comes out in a wheelchair with his mom Hollywood Hogan vs. Goldberg (Goldberg wins title) - Some pyro shoots in the Undertaker's face (opps!) - Jason Sensations impressions Taka Michinoku, Scott Taylor & Brian Christopher vs. Kaintai Dan Severn vs. Kama (Brawl For All) Bart Gunn vs. Bob Holly (Brawl For All) Raven vs. Saturn vs. Kanyon (Raven breaks a rib) Dean Malenko vs. Rey Miserio Jr. Ultimo Dragon vs. Lizmark Jr. Saturn vs. Kanyon Psychosis vs. Eddy Guerrero Pierre vs. Steve Williams (Brawl For All) - "Land of the Rising Venis" - Mrs. Yamaguchi almost gets paddled - Sable gets stripped by Jackie Rocky Maivia vs. X-Pac (Chyna looking sweet!) - DX Flasher - Marc Bagwell can walk! Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko

Mixed Bag #8

VQ-VG 5-6/1998 2:00 Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Ultimo Dragon (I'm cheating to win!) - McMahon fires Mick Foley LOD 2000 vs. DOA in a back alley - Remembering Junk Yard Dog - DX in New York City - DX Super Soaker commercial - Darren Drozdov NFL clip - Tribute to Sable video - clips of Sunny with LOD Juventud Guererra vs. Kidman - Chris Jericho interview, Ted Irvine comes in - Sable powerbombs Marc Mero Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. X-Pac - Clips of Sable Steve Blackman vs. Mark Mero (Brawl For All) Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock vs. HHH Mark Cantabury vs. Bradshaw (Brawl For All) Kane vs. Steve Austin (Austin wins title) - Val Venis checks out Yamaguchi's wife Kidman vs. Saturn - Chavo Guerrero Jr. "I'm hunting Eddy's" Steve Casey & Papi Chulo vs. Mens Teiho & Funaki Savio Vega vs. Brakus (Brawl For All) Darren Drozdov vs. Hawk (Brawl For All) - Sable confronts Jackie - Shots of Mrs. Yamaguchi

Mixed Bag #7

VQ-VG 9/1997 - 5/1998 2:40 Ken Shamrock vs. Faarooq (edited, Ken punctures lung) Taka Michinoku vs. El Pantera - clip of Sunny El Torito & Piratita Morgan vs. Max Mini & Mr. Lucky - Pillmans XXX Files Dude Love vs. Brian Pillman w/Marlena (Brians last tv match) - Moment of silence for Brian Pillman - MSG kayfabe - Look at MSG - Look at LOD (Part 1) Max Mini & Nova vs. Mosaic & Tarantula - Look at LOD (Parts 2 & 3) - Jim Cornette shoots on Phil Mushnick LOD vs. The Godwines (title change) - Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Scott Hall, Rey Misterio Jr., and Disco Inferno on NBC's Friday's - Jeff Jarrett interview Marc Mero vs. Brian Christopher Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels Dude Love vs. Kain The Headbangers vs. The New Age Outlaws - Bret Hart "Mad TV" promo - clip of Sunny Taka Michinoku vs. Tijari Yoshihiro - Jim Cornette shoots on Phil Mushnick again Super Loco vs. Aguila - Dustin Runnels interview (the break with Marlena) Ken Shamrock vs. Shawn Michaels (called spots audible) - Marc Mero walks in on Sable getting dressed - Shawn Michaels gets insulted - "You can't talk to me that way" - Bret Hart "Mad TV" promo #2 - Bret Hart on "Mad TV" - Oaklahoma Legends honored - Chyna's "Double Degeneration X" - Dude Love thrown off ramp by the NAO - Sable bathing suit preview - Dude Love thrown off ramp by the NAO (replay) DX (HHH, Chyna & the NAO) vs. LOD & DOA - Special look at Terry Funk & Mick Foley - Paul Bearer spills the beans on the 'Taker's mom to Jerry Lawler - Clip of Sunny with LOD Terry Funk vs. Mick Foley - DX invades WCW's office Sable vs. Marc Mero - Sunny with LOD - Chris Jericho temper tantrum on J.J. Dillon

Mixed Bag #6

VQ-VG ?-8/1997 2:15 Chris Jericho vs. Ultimo Dragon (1/2 match) Steve McMichael & Jeff Jarrett vs. Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman vs. Lex Luger & The Giant - Shots of Sable Flash Funk vs. Sabu Mankind vs. Davey Boy Smith (Wicked chair shots to Man's head) Goldust vs. Owen Hart vs. HHH (Chyna frankensteiner's Goldust) - Shots of Sunny - Great Sasuke clip - Fan grabs Paul Bearer The Headhunters vs. The Headbangers Chris Jericho vs. Juventued Guererra (Syxx run in, interview) Kevin Nash vs. Rey Misterio Jr. (Konnan run in) Jushin Liger vs. Ultimo Dragon (WAR - Japan) - The Titan (fake Razor Ramone) attacks The Natural (WWF Jackyl) - Bret Hart speech from Edmonton (Austin run in) Great Sasuke vs. Taka Michinoku Taka Michinoku vs. Tajiri Yoshihiro - Godwines attack LOD - Dude Love introduced Eddy Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. - Curt Hennig interview Harlem Heat vs. Syxx & Scott Hall Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell - Bret Hart speech from Halifax (awesome) - Look at Mick Foley/Dude Love - Shawn Michaels speech from Halifax (awesome) - Bret Hart and Vince McMahon scuffle

Mixed Bag #5

VQ-VG 11/1996-??/1997 approx 3hrs Harlem Heat vs. The Steiners vs. Lex Luger & Sting Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair Madusa vs. Renya Yabuki - Roddy Piper/Hulk Hogan staredown at Halloween Havoc Chris Jericho vs. Orihara (highlights WAR - Japan) Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Jarrett (Sting/The Crow run in) Chris Jericho vs. Konnan Miguel Perez Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera - Roddy Piper video "I'm Your Man" Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho Mascareda Segrada & Octagon Seito vs. Jerito Estrada & Piratita Morgan Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Dean Malenko Syxx vs. Price Iaukea Kevin Nash vs. Lex Luger (Sting run-in) - Expose Power Plant tryout piece - Swimsuit competition preview Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith - Eric Bischoff speech (Sting run-in) - Michael Foley Interview from RAW Part I " Part II " Part III Mankind vs. Brian Pillman Rob Van Dam vs. Flash Funk Ciclope, La Parka & Damiem vs. Juventud Guerrera, Hector Garza & Super Calo

Mixed Bag #4

VQ-VG 8-11/1996 approx 3hrs Marc Mero vs. 1-2-3 Kid Ultimo Dragon vs. Jushin Liger (WAR - Japan) Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho (WAR - Japan) - Bishoff power bombed through table - Horsemen interview w/Liz, Woman, Deborah Lex Luger & Sting vs. Harlem Heat vs. Steiners (Heat wins the belts) Ultimo Dragon vs. Shinjiro Otani (WAR - Japan) Marc Mero vs. Faarooq Asad (Sunny and Sable cat fight) Ric Flair, Arn Anderson vs. Chris Jericho, Marc Bagwell (Syxx intro) - Jim Ross heel speech (New Razor Ramone intro) - Fall Brawl 96 clip Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera Konnan & Kevin Sullivan vs. Juventud Guerrera & Brad Armstrong Public Enemy vs. Harlem Heat (PE wins belts) - NWO attacks Randy Savage - Randy Savage attacks Nick Patrick - NWO spot Dean Malenko vs. Rey Misterio Jr. (clip) - Malenko unmasks Misterio - New Razor/Diesel run in with Savio Vega Dean Malenko vs. Brad Armstrong NWO Sting vs. JL (Real Sting run-in) Steven Regal vs. Juventued Guerrera (Sting/The Crow shot) Chris Benoit vs. Eddy Guerrero - Roddy Piper/Hulk Hogan staredown at Halloween Havoc

Mixed Bag #3

VQ-VG 1993 - 1998 1:45 Bret & Owen Hart vs. The Steiner Brothers - Ted Dibiase on "This is Your Day", religious program Headhunter I vs. Headhunter II (IWA - Japan) Steve Austin vs. Brian Pillman Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Konnan (Jake gets his head shaved, AAA - Mexico) - Hulk Hogan on Regis & Kathy Lee - Shawn Michaels on Regis & Kathy Lee - Steve Austin on Regis & Kathy Lee (1997) - Steve Austin on Regis & Kathy Lee (9/1998)

Mixed Bag #2

VQ-G 1992 2:30 -audio not very good Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham vs. Steve Williams & Terry Gordy Scott Steiner vs. Steve Austin Rick Rude vs. Barry Windham Sting vs. Brian Pillman Brian Pillman vs. The Freedom Fighter (Brad Armstrong) Tony Atlas vs. Big Van Vader The Barbarian vs. Dustin Rhodes - Starrcade '92 clip, Vader vs. Sting Tony Atlas vs. Van Hammer Johnny B. Badd vs. Barry Windham Ricky Steamboat vs. Dan Spivey Dustin Rhodes vs. Tony Atlas Barry Windham vs. Ricky Steamboat (end of this match is clipped off)

Mixed Bag #1b

VQ-VG 92-93 1:08 Jimmy Garvin vs. Jushin "Thunder" Liger Brian Pillman vs. George South Big Van Vader vs. Ron Simmons (Ron wins world title) Kensuke Sasaki vs. Rick Rude - Cactus Jack interferes in a cage match Marcus Alexander Bagwell vs. Chris Benoit Cactus Jack vs. Paul Orndorff Ricky Steamboat vs. Dustin Rhodes - Dustin Rhodes interview

Mixed Bag #1

VQ-VG 89-92 2:00 Legion of Doom vs. The Nasty Boys on the Arsenio Hall Show Ron Simmons vs. Big Van Vader (Simmons wins WCW title) - Jake "The Snake" Roberts enters WCW, attacks Sting Steiner Brothers vs. The Great Muta & Kensuke Susaki (NJPW) - Look at Bob Backlund Ricky Steamboat vs. Ric Flair (1989) Ricky Steamboat vs. Ric Flair (1989) Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk Sting & Ric Flair vs. Dick Slater & The Great Muta Sting & Ric Flair vs. Great Muta & Terry Funk (cage match, Bruno Sammartino ref) Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk (I Quit match) Big Van Vader vs. The Z-Man Cactus Jack vs. Paul Orndorff

Video Marinpiad

VQ-S Various 6:00 - Ric Flair on Georgia TV, early 80's - Roddy Piper on Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, early 80's Debbie Malenko & ? vs. Manami Toyoda & Toshiyo Yamada (AJW) - Clips of Roddy Piper, Sgt. Slaugher, Ric Flair, Greg Valentine - More Ric Flair, early 80's Bull Nakano vs. ? (AJW) - Clip of Roddy Piper, early 80's - Clip of Flair, early 80's - Jerry Lawler challenges Ric Flair Jerry Lawler vs. Ric Flair Sabu vs. Jerry Lynn (rare handheld) Some chick vs. Some chick (Japan) Some guys vs. Some guys (Japan) Sabu vs. Chris Candido (rare handheld) - Ric Flair on tv, early 80's - The Bladerunners (Sting & Ultimate Warrior) on Memphis tv, '85 - Bill Dundee & Buddy Landell on Memphis tv, '80's - Ric Flair on TBS Some chick vs. Some chick (Japan) - Bad News Allen on Calgary TV - Clip of John Tantum & Missy Hyatt, mid-80's - Dusty Rhodes on TBS, mid-80's Manami Toyoda & Toshiyo Yamada vs. Dynamite Kansai & Mayumi Ozaki (AJW) Malai Hosaka ? vs. ? (AJW) - The Heavenly Bodies (Tom Prichard & Stan Lane) on TV - Tammy Fytch intro's Brian Lee, 1992 - The Heavenly Bodies on tv Bull Nakano vs. ? ? vs. ? Vader & Bamm Bamm Bigelow on Japan TV Hulk Hogan on Japan TV

Insider Files #6 - Girls Girls Girls

VQ-G Various 2:00 The Bladerunners (Sting & Ultimate Warrior) vs. Steve Williams & Ted Dibiase UWF - Master Blaster Steel (Kevin Nash) on Family Fued (1990) - Missy Hyatt ECW clips ECW - Beulah McGillicuty & Kimona Wanaleia lesbian kiss, uneditied ECW - Sunny video "I Know You Want Me" WWF - Slammies Bikini contest, Sunny, Marlena, Sable WWF The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannety) vs. Hart Foundation Japan - Pamela Anderson at the Royal Rumble WWF - Pamela Anderson & Jenny McCarthy at Wrestlemania XI WWF Magnum TA vs. Tully Blanchard (with Baby Doll) NWA - Kimberly Page video - Summerslam blast off (Sunny & Sable in bikini's) WWF Hulk Hogan vs. The Great Muta Japan - Missy Hyatt WCW clips WCW - Beach Blast bikini contest between Missy Hyatt & Madusa WCW Manami Toyoda & Toshiyo Yamada vs. Dynamite Kansai & Mayuni Ozaki Japan

Insider Files #3

VQ-G Various 3:30 - Hulk Hogan on Japanese tv with Jimmy Hart, Hawk & Brutus Beefcake Sting & Lex Luger vs. The Steiners (from Superbrawl I) WCW - Special look at the Midnight Rockers AWA Lex Luger vs. Bruiser Brody (shoot) Florida - Controversial Gangsta's interview SMW Owen Hart vs. The Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) Japan Shane Douglas vs. 2 Cold Scorpio (for the NWA title) ECW Austin Idol vs. Jerry Lawler Mid-South - AAA clips AAA - Jim Cornette gets caked SMW - Thrillseekers (Chris Jericho & Lance Storm) attacked in parking lot SMW - Thrillseekers interview SMW Thrillseekers vs. The Heavely Bodies (Tom Prichard & Jim Del Ray) SMW - Mick Foley/Dude Love, roof jumping Eddy Guerrero & Love Machine (Art Barr) vs. ??? AAA - Art Barrs' last interview (shoot) Gorilla Monsoon vs. Muhammed Ali WWF - Fake Press Conference with Chris Candido, Kevin Lawler, Tom Prichard Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels (ladder match) WWF - Jesse James singing a Stone Temple Pilots song in an empty Mid-South Colosseum before a SMW show, Tom Prichard on drums - clips of Sabu Japan Sabu vs. The Tasmaniac (1993) ECW - Brian Pillman crazy ECW interview (attacks fan with a fork, threatens to pee in the ring!) ECW - clips of Eddie Gilbert (he hits Lawler with a van) USWA Shoot interviews Jim Cornette - at a meeting discussing SMW angles The Gangsta's - before a SMW show Jim Cornette - at a picnic with other wrestlers including Al Snow, Jim Del Ray, D-Low Brown, Bill Apter!