Tapes Details - Miscillaneous


TV Apperances & News Stories #3

VQ-VG 1999-2000 2:00 Sable on The Tonight Show - 6/24/1999 Sable on ET - 7/13/1999 Steve Austin cuts Howard Stern Promo - 7/1999 Vince McMahon on ET - 7/21/1999 Bret Hart arm-wrestles Will Sasso on Mad TV w/Roddy Piper - 8/1999 Nicole Bass on Howard Stern - 8/1999 Inside Edition story on the WWF - 8/1999 Randy Savage confronts Dennis Rodman on the Tonight Show - 8/10/1999 Steve Austin & Debra on the Teen Choice Awards - 8/12/1999 ET story - 8/29/1999 Indy wrestler Spyder on Noon Hour - 9/15/1999 Tiger Ali Singh & Jason Sensation on Jonovision - 1/1999 Inside Edition story on Chyna - 10/12/1999 ET story on Steve Austin - 10/4/1999 ET story on "Beyond the Mat" - 10/21/1999 Mick Foley on the Martin Short Show - 10/28/1999 ET story on Rena Mero - 11/19/1999 Inside Edition story on Steve Austin - 11/29/1999 Inside Edition story on Steph & Test's wedding - 11/30/1999 New Music story on WWF music - 12/1999 ET story on Rena Mero - 1/25/2000 Wild On story on the Bruise Cruise - 1/26/2000 Chyna on The Tonight Show - 2/11/2000 E! News story on Billy Gunn on Sabrina the Teenage Witch - 3/3/2000 ET story on Bret Hart's concussion - 4/7/2000 E! News story on "Ready to Rumble" - 4/7/2000 The Rock hosts Saturday Night Live w/ Vince McMahon, The Big Show, Mick Foley & HHH - 3/2000

Nitro Girls Swimsuit Calander Special

VQ-EX 1999 1:21 The Nitro Girls PPV about the making of thier swimsuit calander. They are in various exotic locations, barely clothed and rubbing each other. Features on each girl, Kimberly, AC Jazz, Spice, Fyre, Chae, Storm and Tygress.

WCW Stars on "Polically Incorrect"

VQ-EX 12/10/1999 :22 - Madusa, Roddy Piper, Bobby Heenan and Sting appear

Come Get Some

VQ-MR 1999 :45 - features great interviews & vingettes with Sable, Debra, Chyna, Terri Runnels, Tori & Ivory

TV Apperances & News Stories #2

VQ-EX 1999 2:00 Sable on Roseanne - 4/15/99 Chyna on Regis & Kathy Lee - 5/6/99 Steve Austin on Conan O'Brian - 4/99 Steve Austin on Howie Mandel - 4/99 Steve Austin on Craig Kilborne - 5/99 Mad Dog Vachon on Mike Bullard - 5/99 Inside Edition piece on Backyard Wrestling - 5/99 Various pieces on Owen Harts death - 5/25 & 26/99 Pieces on Owen funeral - 5/31/99 Hollywood Hogan on Larry King - 6/23/99

Steve Austin on "Nash Bridges"

VQ-EX 5/1999 :48 Austin plays bounty hunter Jack Cage on this episode, his second time!

Hulk Hogan on "Suddenly Susan"

VQ-EX 5/3/1999 :24 Hulk confronts Brooke Shields character

Randy Savage on "Mad About You"

VQ-EX 5/3/1999 :24 Randy Savage wrestles a man in a gorilla suit

Steve Austin on "Nash Bridges"

VQ-EX 2/26/1999 :48 Austin plays a bounty hunter on this episode, great acting debut!

Ken Shamrock & The Rock on "That 70's Show"

VQ-EX 2/7/1999 :24 The Rock plays his dad, Rocky Johnson, & Ken Shamrock plays an unnamed wrestler in some funny skits, Rock really shows his stuff

HHH on "Drew Carey"

VQ-EX 1/27/1999 :24 HHH's appearance on The Drew Carey Show, where he plays The Disiplinarian, a wrestler who becomes spokesperson for Buzz Beer

Jesse Ventura Inaugaration

VQ-EX 1/4/1999 2:00 His inaugaration as govenor of Minnesota. Taken from a local station and includes numerous segments on his carrer in politics and wrestling, and his upbringing. Alot of political discussion on what his term will be like, interviews with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse, his family and more

Sable Unleashed

VQ-MR 12/1998 :50 - This is THE Sable video. Good look at her entire WWF carrer, plus interview segments and near-nude segments where she is swimming, on the beach, taking a shower, plus some other goodies.

Hitman Hart - Wrestling With Shadows

VQ-MR 11/1998 1:35 This is THE documentry about the infamous double-cross. Has interviews with most of his siblings and lots of back-stage photage of wrestlers being themselves. Highlights include Stu Hart stretching some guys in the dungeon and Bret's wife giving hell to HHH with Animal standing nearby.

Jesse Ventura Govenor Debate, Election & Interviews

VQ-EX 10 & 11/1998 2:00 - Jesse's debate with two other candidates in the race for govenor of Minnesota. Takes question from the audience as well as a panel, gets pretty heated sometimes - various clips from election night, various speeches and analysis, including interviews with politicians talking about Jesse, Jesse's son and wife, and his acceptance speech - appreance on "The Late Late Show with Tom Schnyder" - News peice on upcoming book deal

Hunter Hearst Helmsley on "Pacific Blue"

VQ-VG 1998 :45 some audio problems This is the episode in which HHH plays a bodygaurd at a porno studio

CWF/NWA Canada Training Video

VQ-MR 6/1998 1:45 This video is a tape of various students training in the CWF training center. It is a still camera shot set up in the corner and runs for about 1:20. They cover the basics, bumps, locking up, running the ropes, etc. Trainers are Vance Nevada and Alex Rain. The last 20 minutes are the students practicing in the ring after a card, wrestling each other and practicing bumps with wrestler Adam Knight while manager Frenchy Mitchell and wrestler Skar looking on. You will not find this video anywhere else on the net!

Family Fued

VQ-G 1992 :55 - three episodes of WWF good guys vs. WWF bad guys - Shawn Michaels, Papa Shango, I.R.S., Repo Man, Jimmy Hart, Crush, Slick, Randy Savage, Tatanka, The Big Bossman

TV Apperances & News Stories #1

VQ-VG/EX 1980's - 90's 2:00 Shawn Michaels on Jenny Jones Show on WCW Power Plant from Topx Link Hogan on Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, in the 80's Mr. Perfect on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, early 90's Look at the WWF today, "Fox Files" Jeep Swenson's Death, "Entertainment Tonight" WCW Power Plant, "Topx Link, TBS" Hogan scraps with Jay Leno, "The Tonight Show" Jay Leno's training video, "The Tonight Show" Leno cut's down Hogan, "The Tonight Show" Clip of Leno & DDP vs. Hogan & Bischoff, "The Tonight Show" Jim Carrey scuffles with Jerry Lawler, "Entertainment Tonight" Wrestling Secrets Exposed teaser, "Entertainment Tonight" Hogan retires on "The Tonight Show" "Jesse vs. The Media" piece on Minnesota TV "Hogan vs. Ventura" on Hard Copy DDP on NBC Program "Friday" Goldberg on "The Tonight Show" Vance Nevada on "CKX Noon Hour" Steve Austin on "Live with Regis & Kathy Lee" Hard Copy story on wrestling 20/20 look at backyard wrestling

Mixed Bag #3

VQ-VG/EX 1993 - 1998 1:45 Bret & Owen Hart vs. The Steiner Brothers WWF - Ted Dibiase on "This is Your Day", religious program Headhunter I vs. Headhunter II IWA Steve Austin vs. Brian Pillman WCW Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Konnan (Jake gets his head shaved!) AAA - Hulk Hogan on Regis & Kathy Lee - Shawn Michaels on Regis & Kathy Lee - Steve Austin on Regis & Kathy Lee (1997) - Steve Austin on Regis & Kathy Lee (Sept 98)

I Like to Hurt People

VQ-EX 1985 1:20 A movie about the Shiek. Includes clips of many matches and interviews including; Dusty Rhodes, Andre the Giant, Bobo Brazil, Ed George(Sheiks son), Terry & Dory Funk Jr., Adbullah the Butcher, Joyce Farhat(Sheiks wife? sister?), Ox Baker, Dick the Bruier and more

I'm From Hollywood

VQ-EX 1984 1:00 The story of Andy Kaufmans involvement in pro-wrestling, includes interviews with Jerry Lawler, Robin Williams, Lance Russel, Bob Zmuda, Marilu-Henner, +more Follows his fued with Jerry Lawler plus clips of his matches with Jerry Lawler

El Santo & Pals

VQ-EX 19?? 2:00 - clips from various movies starring El Santo, some with Blue Demon. Lots of wrestling portions and El Santo takes off his mask! It spans from the 1950's to about the 1970's. Dialouge is in both Enlish and Spanish.