Match List - Japan


Barbed Wire Feast

VQ-G 199? 2:00 -All matches on this tape feature either barbed wire, glass, explosions, fire, combinations, and gallons of blood Leatherface & Super Leather vs. Hiroshi Ono & Nakamaki Mr. Onita vs. The Shiek (yes, THAT Shiek) Mr. Pogo vs. Matsunaga Takano & Araya vs. Uchu Majin & ? Takano & Araya vs. Uchu Majin & ? (different match, edited) The Headhunters vs. Nakamaki & Hiroshi Ono (edited) Mr. Pogo, The Gladiator & Hosaka vs. Mr. Onita & Gannosuke & Niyama Headhunter I vs. Headhunter II (same match as on Mixed Bag #5) Burt Soyer (USWA's Bart Sawyer) vs. Jason the Terrible Mr. Pogo & Horace Boulder vs. Super Leather & Matsunaga Hiroshi Ono & Terry Funk vs. Shoji Nakamaki & Araya


Commercial Tape

VQ-VG 9/28/1997 2:25 Battle Royal featuring The Headhunters & Leatherface Crusher Maedomari & Miss Mongol vs. Kaori Nakayama & ? Gedou & Jadou vs. Mr. Gannosuke & Hisakatsu Ohya Aja Kong vs. ? Terry Funk vs. Koudoa Fuyuki Vader vs. Ken Shamrock (shoot style no ropes cage match) The Gladiator/Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka Atsushi Onita vs. W*ING Kanemura (no ropes barbed-wire baseball bat barbed-wire cage exploding ring death match)

Big Japan

Deathmatch Tournament

VQ-EX 6/8/1998 1:37 audio a little fuzzy at the beggining, all matches feature barbed-wire, blood and crazy stuff - highlights of Matsunaga vs. Jason - highlights of Mr. Pogo vs. Great Kojika Shadow Winger vs. ? Shadow WX vs. Nakamaki Matsunga vs. Shadow WX Mr. Pogo vs. Shadow Winger Matsunga vs. Mr. Pogo - clips of various matches Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk) vs. Tarzan Goto

Commercial Tape

VQ-EX 1996 1:00 - This tape features a bunch of interviews with guys in Japanese, plus three matches with guys I don't recognize. - The whole tape is worth it though for the final match, a scaffold, barded-wire tag match, which is quite grewsome and made me sick watching it!


King of the Death Matches

VQ-VG 8/20/1995 2:20 - matches feature thumbtacks, barbed wire, explosions, glass, and gobs of blood! Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Mr. Gannosure Terry Funk vs. Leatherface Cactus Jack vs. Terry Gordy Shoji Nakamaki vs. Hiroshi Ono Takashi Okano vs. Flying Kid Ichihara Iceman vs. Kamikazee Terry Funk vs. Tiger Jeet Singh Cactus Jack vs. Shoji Nakamaki The Headhunters vs. El Texano & Silver King Dan Severn vs. Tarzan Goto Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk

All-Japan Women


VQ-NG 1990 & 1992 5:35 Womens tag match Womens kickboxing match 8-woman tag elimination match ? vs ? (women) Madusa & ? vs. ? & ? 6 man tag Tag match (women) Bull Nakona vs. Aja Kong (cage match) 6 woman tag Womens kickboxing match Debbie Malenko & ? vs. ? & ? ? vs. ? (women) (IWA title) ? vs. ? (women) Bull Nakano vs. ? (WWWA title)