Match List - Indies

Memphis Power Pro Wrestling

The Power Hour

VQ-EX 1998 1:00 Audio slightly ahead of picture - Randy Hales interview Bill Dundee w/Samantha & Ashley Hudson vs. Bulldog Raines & Heimrich Franz Keller - Billy Joe Travis interview w/Brandon Baxter Kidd Wikkid vs. Streak vs. Derrick King Lance Jade vs. Ashley Hudson (Bill Dundee run in) - Bill Dundee interview Jerry Lawler & Stacey vs. Billy Joe Travis & Randy Hales (hair vs. hair match)


USWA - Christmas Show

VQ-EX 12/1994 This tape is set around a Christmas set, with lenthy, sit-down interviews - song by Jimmy Hart "Memphis Memories" - Lance Russell interviews Jerry Lawler - Brian Christopher montage video - Brian Christopher interview Brian Christopher vs. Doug Gilbert (editied) - Jimmy Valiant kisses Lance Russell - Memphis Hall of Fame inductions - clips of Jerry Lawler & Brian Chritopher vs. Eddie Gilbert & Terry Funk

USWA - Tape 1

VQ-VG 9/1995 1:00 - Heavenly Bodies interview w/Brandon Baxter The Heavely Bodies vs. The Spellbinder & J.D. Steele - Tekno Team 200 interview w/Brandon Baxter Tekno Team 200 vs. Chris Frazier & Chip Morris - Brandon confronts Miss Texas, run ins from Brian Christopher & Jesse James Armstrong - clip of The Smoking Guns winning the WWF tag title ffom Owen Hart & Yokozuna - special look at PG-13 - PG-13 interview, Jesse James Armstrong attacks Brian Christopher Jesse James Armstrong vs. Doug Gilbert (Steve Dunn & Brian Christopher run ins)

USWA - Tape 2

VQ-VG 2/1996 1:00 - Tracy Smothers attacks Jesse James Armstrong w/Brandon Baxter - The Spiders interview Clip of Tracy Smothers vs. Jesse James Armstrong Clip of Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler in Memphis - Jerry Lawler interview - Bret Hart interview - look at Shawn Michaels - Jeff Jarrett interview Ahmed Johnson vs. Charlie Layern - Doug Gilbert & Tommy Rich interview Tatanka vs. Yellow Jacket (Kevin Lawler, Jerry's other son) The Bodydonnas w/Sunny vs. Jerry Lawler & Brian Christopher


Madmen, Maniacs and Lunatics

VQ-EX 1986 1:20 - hosted by Jerry Lawler - clips of Andy Kaufman interviews Jerry Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman - Jerry and Andy on David Letterman Jerry Lawler vs. Terry Funk (empty Mid-South Colosseum) Stan Hansen vs. Austin Idol Jerry Lawler vs. Kamala The Moondogs vs. The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn & Stan Lane) The Moondogs vs. Jackie Fargo & Stan Lane (wild!) The Moondogs vs. The Fabulous Ones (Loser leaves town) Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantell vs. Buddy Landell & Bill Dundee The Nightmares (Danny Davis & Ken Wayne) vs. The M.O.D. Squad (Spike & Basher)

NWA Canada/CWF

TV, Feb 1999 - Episode 1 & 2

VQ-MR 2/20/1999 2:00 Episode 1 - Vance Nevada interview Hysteria vs. Vance Nevada - Damage Inc. interview Spyder vs. Todd Myers - Crusher Carlson interview Adam Knight vs. Charlie Hayes Crusher Carlson vs. The Black Dragon & Mr.Majestic EZ Ryder & Alex Rain vs. Damage Inc (Skar & Sledge) Episode 2 - Ernie Todd & Spyder interview Adam Knight vs. Vance Nevada - Damage Inc. interview Brian Jewel vs. Charlie Hayes Todd Myers vs. Hysteria vs. Alex Rain - Crusher Carlson interview Spyder vs. EZ Ryder - Skar interview Skar vs. Crusher Carlson

TV, Feb 1999 - Episode 3

VQ-MR 2/20/1999 1:00 Hysteria vs. Todd Myers - Ernie Todd confronts EZ Ryder Spyder vs. Adam Knight Charlie Hayes vs. Brian Jewel Ernie Todd & Crusher Carlson vs. EZ Ryder & Vance Nevada

Lebret, Sask. - FanCam

VQ-MR 12/17/1998 2:00 Todd Myers vs. Tony McGuire Spyder vs. Massive Damage Brian Jewel vs. Adam Knight Darren Dalton vs. "Sexy" Steve Stryker Hysteria vs. Rex Roberts Damage Inc. (Skar & Skedge) vs. Wavell Starr & The Dream Warrior - E.Z.Ryder interview Battle Royal, participants are Darren Dalton, Rex Roberts, Spyder, Hysteria, Steve Stryker, Sledge, Brian Jewel, Wavell Starr (end of match is cut off)

TV - Sept 1998

VQ-EX 10/1998 :30 - Ernie Todd & Tony McGuire interview (Mercenary run-in) Ernie Todd vs. Tony McGuire Hysteria vs. The Mercenary E.Z.Ryder & Darren Dalton vs. Spider & Scar

Beautiful Plains Fair Wrestling

VQ-EX 6/1998 1:25 Adam Knight vs. Scar Mike Myers vs. Hystria Vance Nevada vs. Steve Stryker EZ Ryder vs. Sledge Steve Stryker, Hysteria & EZ Ryder vs. Vance Nevada, Sledge & Adam Knight

CWF/NWA Canada Training Video

VQ-MR 6/1998 1:45 This video is a tape of various students training in the CWF training center. It is a still camera shot set up in the corner and runs for about 1:20. They cover the basics, bumps, locking up, running the ropes, etc. Trainers are Vance Nevada and Alex Rain. The last 20 minutes are the students practicing in the ring after a card, wrestling each other and practicing bumps with wrestler Adam Knight while manager Frenchy Mitchell and wrestler Skar looking on. You will not find this video anywhere else on the net!


ISPW TV - July 15, 1999

VQ-VG 7/15/1999 2:20 - Dawn Marie Bytch interview The Inferno Kid w/Bobcat vs. J.R.Ryder Ace Darling vs. The Iron Shiek Judas Young vs. Billy Reil - Judas Young interview Lance Diamond vs. Julio Sanchez Derek Domino & Ryan Wing vs. The Samoan Gangsta's (Afa Jr. & L.A. Smooth) vs. Don Montoya & Flash Wheeler vs. The Bushwackers Glen Osbourne vs. King Kong Bundy - Nova interview - Steve Corino interview - Little Guido interview - Spike Dudley interview Nova vs. Steve Corino Little Guido vs. Spike Dudley Chris Candido w/Tammy Lynn Sytch vs. 2 Cold Scorpio - Chris Candido interview - Julio Sanchez interview

ISPW TV - July 22, 1999

VQ-VG 7/15/1999 2:15 - Bobcat & Inferno Kid interview - Gillberg interview The Inferno Kid w/Bobcat vs. Gillberg - Rik Ratchet interview - Billy Reil interview Christian York vs. Judas Young - Billy Reil interview - Donnie B. interview - Derek Domino & Ryan Wing interview Flash Wheeler & Don Montoya vs. Derek Domino & Ryan Wing Twiggy Ramirez vs. J.R.Ryder Lupus vs. King Kong Bundy Glen Osbourne & Julio Sanchez vs. The Samoan Gangsta's(Afa Jr. & L.A.Smooth) Big Dick Dudley w/The Iron Sheik vs. Axl Rotten - Ace Darling interview Chris Candido vs. 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Ace Darling

ISPW TV - Aug 19, 1999

VQ-VG 8/19/1999 2:15 Ray Odyssey vs. Stevie Richards Ryan Wing vs. Flash Wheeler Tom Brandi w/Donnie B. vs. Gillberg J.R.Ryder, Glen Osbourne, Judas Young, Julio Sanchez & Derrik Domino vs. L.A.Smooth, Afa Jr., The Inferno Kid, Billy Reil & Samu (cage match) Ace Darling w/The Equalizer vs. Chris Candido w/Tammy Sytch vs. Axl Rotten Prince Albert w/Droz vs. Gangrel - Chris Candido, Tammy Sytch & Axl Rotten semi-shoot interview


Deep South Wrestling

VQ-VG 1995 1:30 with commercials, some tracking problems Terry Taylor vs. Mr.Wrestling III Johnny Mantel vs. Ken Johnson Mr. Nasty & Mike Lane vs. Rude Dog & Rainbow Brown Demoliton (Ax) vs. Mr.Wrestling III Babmi vs. Lady X Chris Walker vs. Mr. Nasty Hillbilly Cousin Luke vs. Rainbow Brown Disco Inferno vs. Mike Lane Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Johnny Mantel


Lumberjack Tape

VQ-VG Early 90's :40 B.Brian Blair vs. Dan Spivey Cactus Jack vs. Don Muraco Paul Orndorff vs. Steve Williams (lumberjack match, with lumberjacks Chris Michaels, Sunny Beach, Bob Orton, The Power Twins, Cactus Jack, Steve Ray, Sonny Blaze, Tom Brandi, Don Muraco )

IWA (Winnipeg)


VQ-EX 4/1999 1:15 Jerry Morrow vs. Tony Gold The Jackyl vs. Bad News Allen vs. Jerry Morrow Wavell Starr & The Dream Warrior vs. Chi-Chi Cruz & Massive Damage Kenny Austin vs. Golga Doink the Clown vs. The Red Demon (Bad News Allen, Jackyl & Jerry Morrow run-in) (1995?) The Jackyl vs. Ultimo Dragon - Big Titan & Ultimo Dragon interview Chi Chi Cruz vs. Jerry Morrow (lumberjack match) - Bluto interview


VQ-EX 1994 2:00 Eric Freeze vs. Paul Apollo Adam Impact & Chi Chi Cruz vs. Timothy Flowers & Joe E. Legend The Mighty Pharoh vs. Mr.X Gama Singh & Jerry Morrow vs. The Mighty Pharoh & Paul Apollo Eric Freeze vs. Steve Gillespe Johnny Paradise vs. Thunder Warrior Chris Jericho vs. Steve Gillespe - interview with The Natural & Bad News Allen Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho (WAR in Japan) - interview with The Natural & Bad News Allen (Rick Martel run-in) Chris Jericho vs. Haksa Nakajima (WAR) Timothy Flowers vs. Joe E. Legend - clips of Dr.Luther & Mr.Jabrone vs. Mike Kirshner & Mr.Onita (FMW)


SMW TV Jan-Feb 94

VQ-G 1994 2:00 picture jumps around the screen quite a lot Dirty White Boy w/Dirty White Girl vs. Chris Candido w/Tammy Fytch Chris Candido w/Tammy Fytch vs. Louie Spicolli - Dennis Corraluzzo in a stupid skit (he can't act) - Jim Cornett interview - Dory Jr. & Terry Funk interview - The Bullet (Bob Armstrong) interview The Moondogs vs. The Bruise Brothers - Doug & Mike Furnas interview - Heavenly Bodies interview The Rock'n'Roll Express vs. Jason Herd & Jason West - Rock'n'Roll Express interview - Tammy Fytch & Brian Lee interview DWB w/DWG vs. Killer Kyle DWB, DWG & Tracey Smothers interview - Point/Counterpoint The Moondogs vs. Jack Victory & Jason West - Bruise Brothers interview Terry & Dory Funk Jr. interview - The Bullet interview Bobby Blayze vs. Brian Keys - Tracey Smothers interview DWB vs. Killer Kyle (same as earlier) (run-in by Brain Lee, Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch) - DWB & DWG interview - Ron Wright interview Chris Candido vs. Robbie Eagle (run-in bt Tracey Smothers) - Clips of Tammy Fytch - Mike & Doug Furnas interview - Heavely Bodies interview (same as earlier) The Heavely Bodies vs. The Rock'n'Roll Express - Jim Cornett interview - Chris Candido interview - Tracey Smothers interview - Bruise Brothers clips The Moondogs vs. Jack Victory & Jason West - Tammy Fytch, Brian Lee, Ron Wright & DWB interview - Ron Wright interview w/Tammy Fytch & Brain Lee - Brain Lee attacks Ron Wright - Tammy Fytch slaps DWB, DWG run-in - Tammy attacks DWG Brain Lee vs. DWB w/Tammy Fytch & DWG DWG/Brain Lee & Tammy Fytch interview

SMW TV Feb-March 94

VQ-G 1994 2:00 picture jumps around the screen quite a lot - Bob Armstrong interview - Jim Cornett interview - Tracey Smothers & Robbie Eagle interview - Jeff Jarrett interview - Thrillseekers (Chris Jericho & Lance Strom) press conference - Tammy Fytch & Brain Lee interview The Heavenly Bodies vs. The Rock'n'Roll Express - Rock'n'Roll Express interview - Heavenly Bodies interview Robbie Eagle w/Tracey Smothers vs. Larry Santos w/Chris Candido - Chris Candido interview - Tracey Smothers interview Robbie Eagle vs. The Hornet - Thrillseekers video - Heavenly Bodies interview - Tammy Fytch & Brain Lee interview Brian Lee w/Tammy Fytch vs. Anthony Michaels - DWB & DWG interview - Bob Armstrong interview - Dich Murdoch interview - Jeff Jarrett interview - Darryl Van Horne interview Heavenly Bodies & Killer Kyle vs. The Rock'n'Roll Express & Bobby Blayze Chris Candido vs. Pat Rose - Heavenly Bodies interview Well Dunn (Timothy Well & Steven Dunn) vs. Robbie Eagle & Larry Santos - Well Dunn interview - Jeff Jarrett interview - Dich Murdoch interview - Bob Armstrong interview - Tammy Fytch & Brian Lee interview - Tammy Fytch workout video - DWG workout video DWB vs. The Hornet (Brian Lee & Tammy Fytch run-in) DWB & DWG interview DWB & DWG interview DWB vs. Pat Rose (Brain Lee & Tammy Fytch attack DWG, rip open her blouse) - DWB & DWG interview Tammy Fytch & Brian Lee interview (DWB & DWG run-in) Chris Candido vs. Tracey Smothers (ladder match) - Tracey Smothers interview - DWB & DWG interview

SMW TV June 94

VQ-G 1994 2:00 with commercials, some picture jumping, commentary by Les Thatcher The Thrillseekers vs. Larry Santos & Chris Hammerick - Rock'n'Roll Express interview (Tammy Fytch gets manure dumped on her head, attacked by Bambi) - Jake Roberts attacks the DWG - DWB interview - Jack Roberts interview (great int., and he's bald!) Jake Roberts vs. James Atkins (DWG & Kendo the Samurai run-in) - DWB & Kendo interview - Scott, Steve & Bob Armstrong interview - Look at Ron Garvin (cage match in which he beats Flair for the NWA Title) - Look at The Mongolian Stomper - Look at Jim White - Jim Cornett, Killer Kyle, Terry Funk & Bruiser Bedlam interview Tracey Smothers vs. Kendo the Samurai - Well Dunn interview Scott & Steve Armstrong vs. James Atkins & Larry Santos - Scott & Steve Armstrong interview Tracey Smothers vs. Chris Hammrick - Tammy Fytch, Brain Lee & Chris Candido interview - DWB interview - Jake Roberts interview DWB vs. Joe Kozana (Jake Roberts run-in) - Look at Ron & Don Wright - Look at Frank Morrell - Jim Cornett & Terry Funk w/Killer Kyle & Bruiser Bedlam interview - Bambi interview (run ins from Chris Candido, Brian Lee, Tammy Fytch & The Rock'n'Roll Express) Lance Storm vs. Timothy Well

SMW TV July 94

VQ-G 1994 2:00 with commercials, some picture jumping, commentary by Les Thatcher The Rock'n'Roll Express vs. Chris Hammrich & Joe Kozana (Brain, Chris & Tammy run-in) - Thrillseekers interview & video Bruiser Bedlam vs. Larry Santos - Jim Cornette interview & F.I.T.E. video - Look at Dick Slater - Look at Doug Furnas - Look at Nelson Royal - DWB interview Tracey Smothers vs. Killer Kyle (run-ins gallore!) The Thrillseekers vs. James Atkins & Larry Santos - Jake Roberts interview (DWG, Kendo the Samurai I & II run-ins) The Rock'n'Roll Express & Bambi vs. Brain Lee, Chris Candido & Tammy Fytch (clip) - Rock'n'Roll Express interview - Tammy Fytch, Brain Lee & Chris Candido interview Chris Candido & Brain Lee w/Tammy Fytch vs. Chris Hammrich & Joe Kozana Terry & Dory Funk Jr. vs. The Armstrongs (clip) Tracey Smothers vs. Bruiser Bedlam - Armstrongs interview - Jim Cornett interview - Look at Don & Al Green - DWB interview Tracey Smothers vs. Steven Dunn - Thrillseekers interview (Jim Cornett gets face pushed into cake)


Autumn Armageddon

VQ-G 1991 2:40 Last Blood Battle Royal; participants - Mr.Anthony, Ernesto Benefica, Michael Bruno, Ghetto Blaster, Jimmy Jannetty, Glenn Osbourne, Johnny O, Rockin Rebel, Mr.Sandman, Cry Baby Waldo, Rick Perez, Sabu & Tony Stetson JT Smith vs. DC Drake w/Woman Mr. Sandman vs. Tony Stetson The Dog Pound (Johnny Hot Body & DC Drake) w/Woman vs. The Blackhearts w/Luna Vachone Owen Hart vs. Takayuki Iizuka Terry Funk vs. Kevin Sullivan w/The Fallen Angel (Woman) Madusa Micelli & Eddie Gilbert vs. Luna Vachone & Cactus Jack The Shiek vs. Abdullah the Butcher (cage match)

Cactus Jack & Eddie Gilbert Fued

VQ-G 1990 & 91 1:40 - Mick Foley jumps off his roof Cactus Jack vs. Eddie Gilbert " (falls count anywhere match) " (barbed wire match) " (highlights video) " (falls count anywhere) " (stretcher match) " (cage match)

International Wrestling (Montreal)

The Gladiators

VQ-MR 1987 2:00 min - Tom Zenk training clips Tom Zenk vs. Scott "Hog" Irwin - Rick Martel breaks a bottle over his head Rick Martel & Alofa (Fatu) vs. Sheik Ali & Bob Della Serra Bill Irwin vs. Dan Kroffatt Sheil Ali vs. Alofa Sheri Martel vs. Candi Divine Tom Zenk & Dan Kroffatt vs. Bill & Scott Irwin Rick Martel vs. Steve Strong (Steve Disalvo)

TV Program, Nov '86

VQ-EX 11/1986 1:40 A few picture problems during one interview Shiek Ali & Richard Charland w/Floyd Creatchman vs. Tony Rico & ?? Malo Armand Rougeau vs. Bob Crawford - interview with Cheif Joe Lightfoot & Sunni WarCloud Hercules Ayala & Sweet Daddy Siki vs. Jos Leduc & Dan Kroffat - Jos Leduc interview Alofa vs. Ludger Prouix - Hercules Ayala interview Dr. David Schultz vs. Neil Carr - Floyd Creatchman interview Gino Brito Jr. vs. The Spoiler - Gino Brito interview - Creatchmans Corner, w/Armand Rougeau & Dan Kroffat Hercules Ayala vs. Neil Guay (The Hangman) - Hercules Ayala interview Steve Strong vs. Chuck Simms - Steve Strong interview Armand Rougeau & Dan Kroffat vs. Claude Hebert & Gilles Poisson

The Greats of International Wrestling

VQ-MR 1984 or 1985 1:35 The Road Warriors vs. Jacques & Armond Rougeau Jim Garvin vs. Ray Rougeau The (Masked) Superstar vs. Dino Bravo Dino Bravo vs. Jos LeDuc Jim & Ronnie Garvin vs. Jacques & Ray Rougeau (with Jacques Sr.) The Road Warriors vs. Dino Bravo & Rick Martel