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Current Name			      Real Name b - birthday  d - death  month/day/year
      Current Name              When    Promotion or Locoation
      Previous Name             When    Promotion or Location
Batista Dave Bautista Batista 11/2002 WWE Deacon Batista 2002 WWE Leviathan 200? OVW Booker T Booker T. Huffman b-5/1/1965 Kole 1993 WCW Booker T 199? GWF, WCW(1994), WWF(2001) G.I. Bro 199? Texas, WCW(5/23/2000) Christian Jason Reso b-11/30/1973 Uno; The Conquistadors 10/2000 WWF Christian 9/1998 WWF The Suicide Blonde The Canadian Rage Christian Cage 6/95 Indy, WWF -debut Dudley, Buh Buh Ray Mark LaMonica Buh Buh Ray Dudley 199? ECW, WWF, WWE(9/1999) The Terminator 199? Indy Mongo Vyle 199? Indy -debut Jericho, Chris Christopher Irvine b-11/9/1970 Super Liger NJPW Chris Jericho 1/29/1997- NJPW Chris Jericho 8/20/1996- WCW, WWF(7/1999) Chris Jericho 2/2/1996-? ECW Chris Jericho 3/7/1994-? SMW The Lion Heart 2/24/1994-? WAR Chris Jericho 9/12/1993-10/93 CWA Corazon de Leon 4/23/1993 EMLL Chris Jericho 10/2/1990- Canada -debut Snow, Al Allan Sarven Al Snow 1997 ECW, WWF(98) Leif Cassidy 1996 WWF Avatar 1995 WWF Shinobi 1994 MCW(2), WWF Shinobi the Oriental Assasin 1994 Oh, Mi, SMW Steve Moore 9/1993 WWF Al Snow 1982 Indy, SMW
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